Katya Clover in Bold Waters – PlayboyPlus


If you’re like us, you’ve missed the beautiful and petite International model, Katya Clover. She’s back for this lovely pictorial on the water by the photographer, Henrik Pfeifer. Dressed in a bright pink bikini, Katya is all smiles as she enjoys the ocean breeze. I love to learn about the world ” all its beauty and bright colors, she says. I had a wonderful childhood. I fell in love with nature when I was a kid, and I’m very thankful for that, she adds thoughtfully. Totally comfortable with her surroundings, Katya playfully begins to toss her bikini at the camera. I do love posing nude, it’s so natural for me, says Katya. I feel freedom with my every cell! When it comes to who she’s dating, the lovely Katya looks for someone kind, who knows how to have a good time. The most attractive quality for me is a sense of humor, she shares. It tells a lot about the person! Also, intellect, charm, and kindness are very important to me! Want to see more of the gorgeous, Katya Clover? Stick around for more pictorials, coming soon, right here on Playboy Plus! exclusive photos and videos from PlayboyPlus